Chronic Pain Can Be Proven

If you’ve been injured in an accident and suffer from chronic pain, you may have heard that chronic pain cases can’t be proven. Perhaps you heard that chronic pain isn’t worth much in a settlement. Or maybe you heard that the insurance company won’t respond to your chronic pain symptoms.

These are myths, spread mostly by inexperienced, but well-intended attorneys who don’t know how to go about proving chronic pain cases. They’re not intentionally lying — it’s just that they don’t have experience with these types of lawsuits. Our chronic pain injury lawyers have a very different opinion. Your chronic pain injury may be worthy of a legal case and the best way to find out is to talk to an experienced attorney.

Rely on Guidance of an Experienced Chronic Pain Injury Lawyer

An attorney with the right background and expertise knows a chronic pain can be proven. An experienced lawyer with knowledge of the insurance companies’ tactics in these cases can navigate you through the legal process, giving you a far better chance of getting the settlement you deserve.

If you or a loved one suffers from chronic pain as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact The Khalidi Law Firm. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how the insurance companies work. We’ll do all we can to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve. If going to court is the best route, we are seasoned trial attorneys in chronic pain cases. Contact us online today, or call (520) 629-9909 for a free consultation.

What Are the Insurance Companies’ Tactics?

In chronic pain cases, insurance companies usually follow a predictable course of action. It’s simple enough: they claim you’re lying about the pain you’re experiencing and do all they can to disprove your claims.

They will argue that your pain isn’t real, or that it’s not as severe as you say it is. You can count on insurance companies to do all they can to discredit you.

You know very well how severe your pain is. It’s important that you realize it can be proven in court. When your pain is real, there are ways for you to prove it. Of course, the insurance company isn’t going to make it easy for you, but with a skilled attorney you can make a case for it. You can develop a plan to prove your pain well enough that the insurance company will be inclined to offer a settlement.

Testimony from Family and Friends

One element of proving that your pain is testament from witnesses who know you well. They will be able to describe how your behavior changed since your chronic pain began. If you haven’t been able to go about your everyday work or household chores your family can provide evidence for or testimony about your restricted abilities. If your chronic pain prevents you from taking part in regular activities with friends, your friends will be able to describe they change they witness.

No one can directly know how severe your pain is except for you. However, your family and friends can attest to any significant changes in your behavior that may have been caused by the pain. This will have weight in court, and with enough evidence you may be able to force a favorable settlement. There are other methods to go about proving chronic pain as well.

Medical Records

TIP: Keep your medical records, and especially keep records of any pain medication your doctor prescribes. Even if your doctor only advises you to take some over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine, keep record of that directive. Your documentation of any medications you take for your chronic pain injury can give the court proof of the severity of your pain and for how long you suffered as a result of it.

If you’ve visited the doctor about your pain, or about the injuries that caused the pain in the first place, the doctor’s records can serve as evidence for your pain. If your doctor had you take prescription painkillers, the prescription can go a long way in proving your chronic pain case. If you were prescribed a strong painkiller for a long time, this is proof that you suffered severe pain for a long time.

When you combine documentation of medical records with the witness testimony of your friends and loved ones, you may have a solid basis to prove the reality and severity of your pain. This strategy gives you the leverage you need to force a favorable settlement.

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