Cases Our Attorneys Can Help With...

Insurance Bad Faith

When you buy a disability, health, property or life insurance policy you expect the insurance company to stand behind you when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, all too often that is not the case....

Divorce & Family Law

The break up of a family causes stress, fear and an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. Our attorneys understand the toll divorce and family law disputes take on parents and their children.

Nursing Home Neglect & Injury

Nursing home abuse cases have become far too common. According to a government study, 85 percent of nursing homes reported some sort of abuse. With the elderly population growing, the potential exists for these numbers to grow.

Elder Abuse

Even after thorough vetting, the decision to trust certain elder-care “professionals” can turn into a nightmare for our loved ones and a life of regret for the decision-makers, as in most cases, the ones we seek care for cared for us first.

Medical Malpractice

A CNN report from May 2016 based on a Johns Hopkins study suggests up to 251,454 deaths annually may be attributed to medical error, making it the third highest killer in the U.S., behind only heart disease and cancer.

Birth Injuries

There are two basic types of birth injuries – injuries to the brain and to the body. If a birth injury is the result of negligent actions on the part of someone else, the parents can seek compensation for their family.

Personal Injury Cases

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accident, misconduct or negligence — in an auto collision, while on the job, crossing the street, in a hospital or nursing home, or in any number of situations — our attorneys help you gain full and fair compensation for your losses.

Wrongful Death Claims

It is always a tragedy when a loved one dies. These accidents are unfortunately all too common. In 2014, 246 people died in alcohol-related crashes in Arizona. Across the country, 4,836 workers died on the job in 2015 alone. In almost all cases, these were accidents that could have been avoided.

Motor Vehicle Wrecks

Arizona, and Tucson specifically, have been recognized nationally as dangerous for driving. What this means to the average Arizona driver is eye-opening.

Auto Accidents

The Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety grouped Arizona with eight other states “in the red,” meaning that for various reasons the state ranks among the worst in the nation for traffic safety.

Motorcycle Injuries

Few places are more popular for motorcycles than Arizona. But despite the fun and freedom they offer, motorcycles can also be dangerous. Motorcycles have little to protect its rider, and motorcycle accidents often result in more serious injuries.

Tractor Trailer Wrecks

Statistics show that more than 2 million trucks operate in the United States each year and are involved in 500,000 accidents, resulting in roughly 5,000 fatalities. An accident with a big truck can be daunting.