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If you suffer from chronic pain, you already know what it’s like. When serious injury results from an accident caused by the neglectful actions of another, it adds frustration to suffering. Maybe you’ve dealt with chronic pain for months or years; maybe the pain has made it hard for you do things you used to love. Maybe the pain interferes with your ability to work or enjoy life like you used to. It could be that you’ve experienced some of the unfortunate effects of chronic pain, including low self-esteem, depression, and anger.

Will a Chronic Pain Injury Make a Good Case?

As someone who suffers from chronic pain, you’ve probably heard that it can be difficult, or even impossible, to win a favorable settlement. Some attorneys may tell you that chronic pain simply doesn’t get good settlements, or that courts are unlikely to believe you suffer as much as you say. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult for you to get your pain taken seriously.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury that caused chronic pain conditions, contact the Tucson chronic pain injury attorneys at the Khalidi Law Firm.

We can help ensure that you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve.

Living with Chronic Pain

  • Chronic pain management.

Everyday management for your chronic pain will likely call for changes in your lifestyle. If you are a smoker, for example, it will be advisable for you to quit smoking, because nicotine makes some pain medications less effective. In addition, nonsmokers generally experience less pain than smokers.

On an everyday basis, chronic pain can also be managed by being sure to get adequate sleep. A healthy diet, moderate exercise, and efforts to minimize stress and depression can also help. As you might expect, stress and depression can make your pain worse. Learn more about helpful strategies for chronic pain management.

  • Chronic pain treatment.

There are several types of treatment for chronic pain. The three broad types include medication, therapy, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Medication will typically be either over-the-counter (OTC) or a prescription painkiller. Many prescription painkillers are opioids, which are extremely effective but also have a high potential for misuse or abuse.

Therapy can include physical therapy, low-impact exercise, occupational therapy, and a number of other less common types. These therapies serve a range of purposes, helping you to relax, rebuild lost muscle mass, or actually change the body’s chemical makeup.

CAM options are not conventional medical treatments. If you find yourself considering any of these options, consult your doctor before trying any procedures.

  • Chronic pain syndrome.

Chronic pain is pain that persists for months, years, or even for the rest of a person’s life. It can be mitigated in a number of ways, but it doesn’t go away quickly, and it can be extremely frustrating, even debilitating. Chronic pain often takes the form of headaches, back pain, cancer pain, arthritis pain, and pain coming from nerve damage. The pain comes in various types and intensities, but it always has one thing in common: it lasts a long time.

Why a Settlement Can Help

A settlement can give you the funds you need to help you deal with your pain. In many cases, simply dealing with the pain (taking medication, undergoing treatment, doing therapy) can take up a great deal of time and money. A settlement should compensate you for that.

In addition, chronic pain often means a decrease in overall productivity. You may be unable to work for a time, or you may simply not be able to do as much as you’ve done in the past. A settlement should be able to ensure that you get the funds that offset your lost productivity.

Do You Have to Accept a Small Settlement?

You may have heard that chronic pain settlements aren’t worth much. Maybe you’ve heard that the most you can do is get your medical bills covered.

None of this is true. You don’t have to accept a ridiculously low settlement. It’s not easy, and it takes a skilled attorney to pursue the case, but you can get what you deserve.

Many insurance companies will try to say you’re lying about the pain you’re experiencing.

So you will need proof that you’ve gone through serious suffering, that you’ve lost productivity as a result, or that you’re losing time in dealing with the pain. A skilled attorney can guide you through this process and make sure you get the settlement you deserve, rather than the first settlement the insurance company offers. In some cases, it is best to go to court because you may get better compensation for your injuries.

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