How to File a Motorcycle Accident Claim

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A motorcycle accident can happen in seconds, but the results of that accident can last a lifetime. Motorcyclists in the aftermath of an accident will have many questions going through their minds during this troubling time. The first might be, how do I file a motorcycle accident claim?

Follow up questions might include: What can I do to make sure the costs of the accident are paid for? How should I deal with the insurance companies? What should I do on the scene of the accident? These are important questions, and you should be able to understand how to act in order to receive the motorcycle accident compensation you deserve.

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 How to File Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

  1. Call the police.

As soon as the accident occurs, call 911 and get the police on the scene. They will need to take a look at the scene and file their report. This will set the gears in motion for the insurance companies and the legal system to help you with your motorcycle accident claim.

  1. Never admit fault.

Assigning fault for the accident is a complex process, but if you admit fault for the accident it’s very likely that you’ll be found to be the at-fault driver. Even drivers who believe the accident really was their fault should not say so, but rather wait and let the system do its work.

This approach is especially important for drivers who have a tendency to say things like “I’m sorry” out of politeness. That kind of expression can be taken as an admission of fault, which will make it harder to get your motorcycle accident payout.

  1. Document everything you can.

Take pictures of your motorcycle, the road, and any landmarks and significant objects in the area. Take down the contact and insurance information of the other driver. Get names and contact information for any witnesses in the area. It’s important that you get as much information as possible, so you can pass it along to your insurance company or your attorney.

  1. Get medical treatment.

Even if you don’t appear to be injured, you should still visit a doctor. This will give you a chance to find out if you’ve been injured in a way that you didn’t realize at the time of the accident. (Internal injuries can be especially hard to detect.)

It’s also important to seek medical treatment so you can have records documenting the injuries you received in the accident. Even if it’s something as minor as a scrape or a scratch, it should be recorded and brought to the attention of your doctor. Think of this as another step in documenting the accident.

  1. Report the accident to your insurance company—and avoid speaking to the other driver’s insurance company.

Once you have all your documentation together, it’s time for you to take the documents and other information to your insurance company.

Avoid talking to representatives from the other driver’s insurance company. These representatives are trained to ask questions that will force you to admit fault or discredit your claim in some other way. Your motorcycle accident settlement may be jeopardized if you say the wrong thing to a representative, so it’s best to avoid them entirely.

  1. Talk to an attorney.

Even if it seems like your claim is going to be handled well and there are no complicating factors, it can be worthwhile to talk to an attorney. If an attorney offers a free consultation (as our firm does) you can consider your options without committing to filing a lawsuit.

If the insurance company isn’t willing to pay, sometimes you will have to bring in an attorney whether you would like to or not. In these cases, an experienced attorney with knowledge of the tactics insurance companies use will help you secure your motorcycle accident settlement with as little trouble as possible.

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