Surgical Complications & Medical Malpractice

With advancements in modern medicine, doctors now can treat and cure patients who suffer from conditions that were once completely fatal.

High at the top of this list are conditions that require surgery. Thanks to improved techniques, a better understanding of the human body, and knowledge of bacteria, many surgeries can now be completed safely.

As anyone who has ever had surgery can tell you, though, there is no such thing as ‘minor’ surgery. The entire experience leaves open the possibility of mistakes and errors. Sometimes, things go wrong on the surgery table, and patients wind up even sicker than they started, or worse. In fact, it is estimated that “never events” occur 4,000 times per year. This term describes events that should never happen in surgery– things such as leaving a sponge behind in a person after surgery or operating on the wrong part of the body. These mistakes can be life-threatening.

When patients realize that they were victims of one of these major errors, they begin asking what they can do to find justice. The Khalidi Law Firm of Tucson, AZ, is here to help with these medical malpractice claims.

What types of errors and complications can result in malpractice claims?

Medical malpractice occurs when your healthcare provider did not provide the standard of care that a professional in their field would be expected to provide, and that negligence led to injury or death.

There are a wide range of errors that can result in medical malpractice. These errors can occur before the procedure, such as when the doctor reviews the patient file; or during the procedure, such as mistakes with the anesthesia; or after the surgery, such as poor monitoring during recovery. Some of the errors that might result in a medical malpractice claim include:

  • Miscommunication about the patient, such as wrong information about the patient’s health history or even what procedure is needed and where.
  • Poor monitoring during the surgery. This can lead to erroneous use of anesthesia or the misuse of medication.
  • Injuring other body parts not involved in the surgery, such as hitting a nerve.
  • Leaving items behind in the patient after the procedure.
  • Performing the surgery incorrectly, such as operating on the wrong person or operating on the wrong side of the body.

What can Tucson, AZ, lawyers do about these malpractice claims?

The period following a surgical error can be stressful. Patients often must undergo new procedures or receive intensive treatment to help them recover from the conditions triggered by the mistakes. Patients and their families, however, soon want to know what can be done to obtain justice. The Khalidi Law Firm, an experienced, quality medical malpractice law firm in Tucson, can help patients navigate the confusing process.

Surgical Complication LawyerBeing the victim of surgical errors that meet the standard of medical malpractice can cause considerable turmoil in a patient’s life. A doctor’s mistake can not only result in wrongful death, but those who survive must recover physically from the errors, which often involves considerable pain and suffering. Many patients also face lost wages and additional expenses related to the recovery period.

Filing a medical malpractice case for surgical errors in Tucson, Arizona, requires working through many steps and having a strong understanding of the medical and legal process.

With any surgical error case, it is likely that there are several parties in addition to the surgeon who may have played a role in the event, including nurses, other doctors, assistants, and the hospital itself.

At the Khalidi Law Firm, we will help you understand who is responsible in your case. We will walk you through the process and use our experience with these types of cases to fight for you. It is important to remember that there is some degree of risk with any surgery, but for you to prove your case, you need to be able to show that there was negligence. Receiving a favorable medical malpractice judgment is not easy, but if you have a case, we will help you find justice.

Were You Hurt by a Surgical Complication?

If you believe that you were hurt due to medical malpractice, we invite you to contact our surgical complication attorneys at the Khalidi Law Firm. We will help you determine the validity of your case and the next steps you should take. Remember that if you were hurt through this negligence, taking legal action is important; it can help other people avoid the same pain in the future.