At High Risk for Accidents, Teenagers Often Drive Less Safe Cars

Per mile driven, the rate of serious vehicle crashes, including fatal ones, involving teens remains tragically high — about three times higher than that for adults. Given teenagers’ elevated crash rates, it is especially important that the cars teenagers drive have maximum safety features and crash protection.

A recent study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compiled relevant data regarding teen fatalities and the vehicles they were driving. They found that teenagers’ vehicles more often were small or mini cars or older vehicles and few had electronic stability control or side airbags as standard features.

In summary:

1) 29% of fatally injured teenagers were driving mini or small cars

2) 82% were driving vehicles at least 6 years old, and

3) 48% were driving vehicles at least 11 years old.

While driving a newer model car is important to keep teenager drivers, their passengers and the public safe, it is also important that teens (and all drivers) wear seat belts and do not drive impaired or distracted.

Parents, please consider the high rate of teen accidents and prioritize safety when choosing a vehicle for your teenage driver.