Arizona Among the Worst States When it Comes to Highway Safety Laws

According to the 12th annual report by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety Association, Arizona has only 5 of 15 recommended highway-safety laws.

We know that distracted driving, often from texting, causes thousands of accidents each year, yet Arizona is one of just two states without even a partial ban on texting while driving.

This month, state Sen. Steve Farley, a Democrat from Tucson, introduced a bill to ban texting while driving for the ninth straight year.

Rather than support the bill, the Senate President Andy Biggs, a Republican from Gilbert, assigned the measure to three committees, rather than the typical two. This is a tactical move that diminishes the bill’s chances of advancing.

According to the association, the laws Arizona lacks are:

Text-messaging restrictions for drivers.

Primary enforcement for front and back seat belts, which would allow law-enforcement officers to stop motorists for not using seat belts.

Mandatory helmets for all motorcyclists.

Six of seven laws that constitute a complete graduated driver’s license program for teen drivers.

These laws benefit drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.  Arizona lawmakers need to put safety before politics.