The Amazing Teenage Brain

Ever wonder why teenagers seem so immature and impulsive? Are you shocked by their risky and reckless behavior? Do you ask yourself why they always seem to test perfectly reasonable boundaries?

While a guest on the Diane Rhem Show, Dr. Daniel Siege, a brain researcher from UCLA, answered those questions and dispelled common cultural myths about teenagers.

Dr. Seige found that from ages 12 to 24 the human brain undergoes a burst of growth and maturation. During this vital stage, teenagers and young adults learn how to navigate the world outside the safety of home, how to connect deeply with others, and how to safely take risks.

You can learn more about Dr. Siege’s research and his recommendations to help teenagers and families understand this essential time of emotional intensity, social engagement, and remarkable creativity at http://thedianerehmshow.org/audio/#/shows/2014-01-06/daniel-siegel-brainstorm-power-and-purpose-teenage-brain/@00:00