A pedestrian pushes the crosswalk button, but speeding cars nearby show risk of a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian Deaths Double in Tucson

When a pedestrian dies as a result of injuries from a neglectful or reckless driving accident, the tragedy should trigger a review of the safety of Tucson’s roads for those traveling on foot. By October 5, there were 18 pedestrian deaths in Tucson during the year. By that same date in 2016, there were only a total of nine deaths. Likewise, there has been a serious increase in pedestrian deaths in Pima County: five deaths in 2017, compared to only one death in 2016.

The cause of this rise in pedestrian deaths remains uncertain, although a representative of the Living Streets Alliance believes poor road design is a major contributing factor.

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Causes of the Increase in Accidents

There may be several factors contributing to the spike in pedestrian accidents here in Tucson. Vanessa Cascio of the Living Streets Alliance believes that high rates of pedestrian accidents are a citywide problem that can be solved only by significant improvement in the design of the city’s roads.

Cascio says that the main problem is that Tucson’s streets are poorly designed for pedestrians, and that the challenge facing the city is to design our streets “in a way that not only increases mobility for Tucsonans, but also increases safety for people who are walking, who are taking the bus, and who are biking.”

Further, the recent spike in distracted driving nationwide may be another contributing factor. With the popularity of cell phones and a whole range of potential distractions at our fingertips, there may be a deep connection between improper cell phone use and the rise in pedestrian fatalities.

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

The simplest way to avoid pedestrian accidents, whether as a driver or as a pedestrian, is to pay attention to your surroundings.

Pay attention in Crosswalks

Drivers: pay close attention, especially around crosswalks. Pedestrians: pay close attention, and make sure to cross at the crosswalk if there is one available. It may seem like a waste of time to spend 30 seconds walking over to the crosswalk, but that can be enough to save your life.

Avoid distracted driving.

If you’re a pedestrian, don’t cross the street while looking at your phone. Some of us are guilty of crossing the street without so much as looking up from our phones, or even glancing away from the screen. Whether as a driver or as a pedestrian, don’t let one text message mean the difference between life and death.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Being mindful of all that is around you is the best way to keep yourself safe from harm, and to avoid harming others.

Do You Have a Case?

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