After a Divorce

After divorce, a dad – or mom – may not have their kids 100% of the time but they do have an opportunity to spend truly quality time with their kids during parenting time.

Simple shared activities like cooking a meal, exploring nature or even matching socks (see below) can be nurturing bonding experiences that will build memories that last a lifetime.

Here is a great Huffington Post article to serve as a reminder that “You Didn’t Divorce Your Kids”:


Paved Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot

This is a good synopsis of a long good fight. Our clients, the Rollings Family, hired us in 2011. We took the case over from a large international law firm for the retrial. The jury, after a two week trial, delivered a verdict in favor of our clients. The fight continues. But we hope to have done our part in saving the Barrio at the end of this case.