Exploding Plastic Gas Cans Maim and Kill

Do you have a red plastic gas can in your garage?

Under the certain conditions, these portable fuel containers can explode, causing horrific injuries and deaths. They are susceptible to “flashback” explosions caused when gasoline vapors outside the cans ignite and follow the vapor trail back into the container. Children are often innocent victims – injured when their dads poured gas into a nearby lawnmower.

For a few pennies, manufacturers can install a metal flame arrester into the plastic gas can to prevent explosions.  After years of consideration, in 2013 the Consumer Product Safety Commission formally called on the industry to incorporate the safety technology. Though exploding gas cans have injured more than a thousand people, the change was recommended but was not mandated.

This news story shows how dangerous these gas cans are and how a cheap flame arrester can improve their safety: http://wishtv.com/2014/11/13/could-small-change-stop-gas-can-explosions/

Of the 19 million gas cans sold each year, 95 percent are plastic gas cans without flame arresters. If you have a plastic gas can, check to see if it has a flame arrester inserted in the nozzle. If it doesn’t have one get rid of it. No matter how safe you try to be, a simple spark from friction can trigger a deadly explosion. Its not worth the risk.