Back to School! A Few Safety Reminders

School is back in session for Arizona students and that means it’s the perfect time of year to take stock of how we can help prevent vehicle-related injuries among young people. While there are several school-related hazards that alarm parents and children alike, these dangers can be avoided through proper planning and safety awareness.

Improving back to school safety requires a collective effort. It’s not just parents, educators and students that should take notice of back to school safety. Drivers also play a part in keeping young people safe during the school year.

Let’s focus our attention on one specific component on back-to-school safety – transportation. Here are a few safety tips broken down into four different categories – school bus, walking, bicycling and walking safety.

School buses:

  • Remind your children of the “Danger Zone” around school buses, which includes the blind spots in front of, behind and around the sides of the bus.
  • Children should leave five giant steps between themselves and the bus.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting on or off the bus.
  • Use the handrails when walking on the steps of a bus to avoid a fall-related injury.


  • Always use designated sidewalks when they are available.
  • If sidewalks aren’t an option, walk facing the traffic and leave several feet between you and the road.
  • Only cross the street at designated crosswalks.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing the street.
  • Don’t wear headphones or use a mobile device while walking. These devices can distract a pedestrian and increase the chances of being struck by a vehicle.
  • Don’t dart between vehicles in parking lots. Always look both ways before entering a parking lot lane.


  • Inspect the bike before the school year begins – make sure lights, tires and wheels are functioning properly.
  • Always wear a helmet and make sure the helmet is the proper fit.
  • Make yourself visible when riding a bike. This is especially true at dusk, dawn and nighttime hours, when lights and bright clothing should be used to increase visibility.


  • Always be mindful of driving in school zones and be sure to follow posted speed limits.
  • When driving in a school parking lot, drive very slowly and look out for children that might be walking between parked cars.
  • Remember that when a school bus flashes its yellow lights, it is about to come to a stop.
  • When you see a school bus use its stop sign, always come to a complete stop, whether you are behind the bus or traveling in the opposite direction.
  • After a school bus retracts its stop sign, make sure that the children who got off the bus aren’t in your path.

We can improve road safety for children by focusing on our own responsibilities behind the wheel and remembering to be cautious around school zones and school buses. By following the tips above and instructing your children to do the same, you can help reduce the risk of vehicle accidents.

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